COCONO アートプレイス (大野市古民家ギャラリー) / COCONO artplace (Ono City Gallery)

大野市古民家ギャラリー設計プロポーザル 最優秀提案 / Proposal 1st prize

福井県大野市 / Ono, Fukui / 2018年 / 美術館 / 木造伝統構造 / 敷地面積776.39m2 / 延床面積478.40m2 / 施工:大野建設工業 / 写真:中村絵


We designed a public modern museum converted from a 120 year old traditional townhouse in Ono city. The most art collections are owned by ordinary people in this area. Our aim is to create a base for tourism and social activities in the middle of the town, promoting a variety of exhibitions, educational programs, commercial activities and so on. First of all we sheltered inside firmly, putting a structural reinforcement called “Kabe basshira method” and an environmental improvement with a natural energy system. Arranging several exhibition rooms apart and creating an opened ,sequential space around the site, each person can enjoy staying there in their own way.In the project, we put stress on presenting a new museum model and showing a modern renovation method of a traditional building.